Some Parts Wake Up Sooner Than Others….

I notice that I don’t sleep the sleep of the dead any longer. Do you remember in your teens, early 20’s and even in your 30’s when you fell asleep you could actually “sleep in” — sometimes sleeping until after noon? Oh God do I remember those days.

Not anymore.

My nights are filling with tossing, turning, the occasional night sweats, insomnia, and over all being just a light sleeper when in the past I could have slept through a zombie apocalypse.

I am also noticing when I wake up for the day — some parts of my body wake up sooner than others. There are random creaks and groans of my bones. Tossing back a couple of Tylenol right before I step into the shower is common practice.

What do any of you who are over 40 notice these days in regards to your bodies? Anything different?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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