For years I thought I was indestructible, immortal, and would live forever.  I ran circles around my peers working hard and playing hard.  Never did I worry about heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, or anything that could remotely affect my quality of life or kill me!  Now these are things I actually think quite a lot about.

One day many years ago (when I turned 40)  I woke up and it dawned on me that I was 40.  I discovered that in the morning some parts woke up sooner than others — I could no longer pull all nighters, consume massive amounts of caffeine, burn the candle at both ends,  eat what I wanted, or keep up with the under 30 crowd.  The under 25 sect left me in the dust.

The reality is while relatively healthy I found myself over forty, needing reading glasses, not as quick on the uptake as I was in my young adulthood.

And so I am taking a look at life over 40.

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